The Art of Freecards


From April 23 to May 5, 2012 takes place the first exhibition of advertising postcards, exposed as a piece of art in “canvas” of 10 x 15 cm. Puerto Vallarta is hosting the first exhibition of an advertising medium as an art, are present with their original campaigns from countries as far as Australia, Portugal, Italy, India, Brazil, among others. Also worthy representatives of companies from around Mexico; such as Cancun, Guadalajara, Tijuana and Puerto Vallarta.

The idea of using a free postcard as an advertising vehicle of communication emerged more than a century ago. However, in recent decades took on unusual importance with the creation of companies engaged in a systematic way, design, production and distribution of postcards. What was considered as an alternative form of advertising, now is an “advertising medium” indispensable for the promotion of many products and services. This is demonstrated by the diversity and quality of advertisers who include postcards in their media plan and the proliferation of companies that offer these services. Currently more than 40 countries already have at least one company that is dedicated to this type of advertising that conform IFA (International Freecard Alliance).

LW in 9 years has established itself as the leading advertising postcards in Mexico, always striving to stay at the forefront, now taking the initiative to create an exhibition called •Arte Postal Publicitario• that in addition to its visual appeal, is unique by the way it deals with the topic of postcard advertising.

LW emerged as an intelligent and creative response that has managed to continue the existence of the postcard as an innovative and changing genre. Young art for a young society, the postcard has become an object of desire for zealous collectors around the world, a true reflection of public passions.

We shown postcards from countries as far as India and Australia. The exhibition •Arte Postal Publicitario• was conceived as invaluable testimony to the ways in which man has transformed a pragmatic media of communication into a work of art, raising everyday passions to the status of enduring emotions, to pay homage to the work of national and internationally acclaimed and anonymous artist, who, through the postcard, have propagated the continuance of the paper culture. Those artists have transposed the present into a limited space, offering us a panoramic view of the world, where dreams can become reality.

Postcards Exhibition


Advertising Postcards Art Exhibition


In 2012 Puerto Vallarta will be hosting the first exhibition of an advertising medium as a piece of art, will be present with their original campaigns countries like Australia, Portugal, Italy, India, Brazil, among others, and dignified representatives of companies in Mexico from Cancun, Guadalajara, Tijuana and Puerto Vallarta’s LW who host participants.

The Advertising Postcard is freely taken by the consumer, resulting in fewer lost impact. In the words of Margarita de Orellana, tells us that the power of fleeting memory of the postcard is also a value-laden statement: “I was there”.
But who decides what deserves to appear on a postcard? In fact, in it, we are seeing through other eyes that watched before us the object represented and decided it was worth going around the world and therefore become part of the great collective memory.
Join us to learn through a tour of the advertisers’ creativity, the originality of postal advertising campaigns, how they differ from traditional media through innovation in the finishes and kind of paper, message displayed, design and its relationship with other media such as internet, radio and television.
The appointment is next Monday 23 April at 19:30 hrs. in Bernice Starr Gallery at Public Library Los Mangos.
A good advertising message is a credible promise to the right audience.
Our desire is to create ideas disruptive that give our customers greater participation of the future.
invitación exhibición postales publicitarias


All in One Campaign



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Advertising Postcards with QR Codes


QR Code Content any web information specifically delivered by scanning QR (Quick Response) Codes or any other form of 2D/1D mobile tagging. QR code is consumed by mobile web users in a brand new fashion from a variety of unique contexts, most importantly from pre-existing traditional media, making it a relevant new category in marketing moving forward. The mobile web pages directly connected to a QR code scan experience can offer value and efficiency to the consumer that was unheard of just 5 years ago. QR code is transforming static media into engaging mobile web content.

The mobile Web is growing at an astonishing rate, and as telecommunications networks and mobile devices get faster, they offer ridiculous new opportunities for brands to engage with mobile consumers using QR codes as physical hyperlinks. By scanning a QR code with the camera of a Web-enabled smartphone, consumers willingly initiate a conversation with brands like never before and in places never previously imagined.

Like a keyword search on the desktop Internet, the act of a consumer scanning a QR code is a tacit indication of interest and an active request for some sort of brand engagement.

On the desktop Internet, advertising, with its annoying banners and popups, is almost always viewed as invasive, but with mobile QR code scans brands can respond to a consumer request with exclusive and unobtrusive Web content delivered instantly.

Examples of trackable interactions from QR code content include: signups, v-card download, shopping, app download, social followers, music/video downloads, comments and ratings. These interactions, with the individual precision of a torpedo, are different from previous Web engagements, which was more like throwing mud against a wall. They happen in the physical world between a publisher or brand and an individual consumer with a smartphone.

Does Postcard Marketing Really Work?


Well if you have ever heard of Joe Girard, then you know it does! For those of you that have never heard of Joe Girard, he is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the man who has sold more automobiles on a 1 to1 basis then any other person, and did so for 12 straight years!

If you ask Joe how he did, he would tell you he built his business on referrals. How did Joe keep his name in front of his clients?

He sent out cards every month. He kept a file on all his clients so he could remember birthdays, anniversaries, any holiday or special occasion that came into his mind he sent out a card! Its been reported that Joe sent out over 13,000 handwritten cards a month!!! Of course he needed to have 2 assistants helping him send out all those cards

If marketing using cards can work for Joe in such a competitive market such as automobile sales, then it can work for any market out there!

Postcard Marketing – A Simple But Incredibly Effective Way Of Marketing Your Business.

Why choose the LW Postcards Advertising Media?


Since 2003 LW has transformed a communication medium into works of art. Art is at
the very heart of LW Postcards. Good art never dies, great art grows more valuable,
amazing art is beautiful forever – it appeals to both young and old. As a form of
advertising LW will always strive to be creative, innovative, prepared to cross all
boundaries, exciting and timeless.

Our philosophy is to provide postcards that are intelligent and creative to achieve a
successful and effective viewer response from the consumer. This is successfully
achieved by LW via great artwork.

It has been proven that the fastest moving cards out of the displays are a simple
strong image with no logos and minimal text on the front. Cards with space for
people to write on the back are also super popular.

Self-selected media
It is a completely voluntary source of information so brand recall is very high.

Creativity = Interaction
Scratch, scented, die–cut, perforated, double perforated, sampling, jumbo, stickers and plastic postcards can be produced, making your advertising interactive.

Our placement in leisure venues means consumers are in a relaxed state of mind and open to advertising.

Extended life span
Postcards are a collector’s item which means that your advertising is around long after your campaign is finished.

The mobility gives people a tangible reminder and reference to your product. Postcards can also form part of promotion handouts, magazine inserts, and so forth.

Double-sided advertising medium
A second message can be printed on the back of your postcard, either to reinforce your message or as a joint venture with co-sponsors.

Postcard campaigns measure the popularity of your advertising
Measuring the rate at which postcards are self-selected gives a good idea of consumer reception to your communication strategy. This is a more accurate measure than traditional media, which measures overall viewership of the medium in which your advert is placed, and not the specific viewing of your advert.

Your postcard functions as an advertising medium but also as a mailing card, bookmark, puzzle and many more.

Viral campaigns
Consumers share postcards with friends. This is a powerful endorsment of your message or product.

Presentación de nuestro medio publicitario


LW Radio

Nuestro producto se basa en el diseño, impresión y distribución de tarjetas postales como un medio de publicidad innovador.

Sus productos o servicios se pueden anunciar, sin importar el tamaño de su empresa o el giro de la misma.

Nuestra idea es proporcionarle un servicio eficiente que cumpla con las necesidades de promoción, ya que al permanecer en la mente del consumidor le garantiza una continuidad en sus ventas.

LW es el único medio que desde 2003 en Puerto Vallarta y Bahía de Banderas ofrece el servicio de tarjetas postales como una publicidad que se transforma en una pieza de arte, gratuita y coleccionable, propicia una interacción directa entre la marca o servicio y el consumidor, ya que éste toma de una manera voluntaria, espontánea, directa y sin interferencia la tarjeta postal que le gusta o llama su atención. Por esto, la mejor forma de comunicar un mensaje es a través de una pieza atractiva e impactante.

Nos consideramos una empresa de perfil creativo que desarrolla campañas estratégicas de comunicación a través de las tarjetas postales y de acuerdo con las necesidades de cada uno de nuestros clientes.


La publicidad debe impactar y la inversión publicitaria debe ser lo menos riesgosa posible. Para ello, desarrollamos en un mundo de información, estrategias que apuntan a cumplir ambos objetivos. Para lograr esta ecuación, nos encargamos de analizar antes de proponer y así lograr optimizar las inversiones publicitarias de nuestros clientes.

Le ofrecemos un servicio integral al proporcionar a sus clientes la creatividad, diseño, producción y distribución en puntos seleccionados específicamente para su mercado objetivo, convirtiéndolo en un medio selectivo y sin desperdicios de impactos publicitarios.

Nuestros servicios abarcan el diseño, impresión y distribución de las tarjetas postales en los círculos que tenemos destinados para ello, que son de acuerdo al perfil de usuario, nivel socioeconómico, edades, etc. Una de las ventajas de las tarjetas postales entre otras, es que en cualquier época del año pueden ser utilizadas.

La impresión mínima a realizar es de mil piezas. El costo de cada pieza impresa es de 1.50 pesos más I.V.A. y como se mencionó anteriormente, este precio incluye el diseño y la distribución. Las ofertas que le hacemos a SU EMPRESA, son las siguientes si excede su orden el mínimo de impresión de 1 mil postales:

2 mil postales: le ofrecemos 10% de descuento, con cambios de diseño en caso de requerirlos, en cada mil piezas, esta flexibilidad le permite realizar una campaña con diferentes imágenes de acuerdo al mercado que se desee alcanzar.

3 mil postales: le ofrecemos sin costo adicional, mil piezas más, así podrán abarcar con esta propuesta la promoción de 4 productos o servicios diferentes, considerando igualmente cambio de diseño en cada mil postales.

Requerimos por parte suya: nos proporcione fotografías en formato .tiff en 300 dpi (alta resolución), logotipo en .eps o convertido a curvas y el texto revisado y en su caso traducido, en formato de Microsoft Word.

Durante los últimos años, le hemos ofrecido diversas promociones de nuestro medio publicitario que es medible, cuantificable y de una gran penetración de mercado a un excelente precio. Nuestros servicios le incluyen diseño gráfico (idea creativa), impresión y distribución en nuestras ubicaciones seleccionadas de acuerdo al perfil de consumidor que desea alcanzar.

Tenemos el gusto de anunciarle nuestras colaboraciones comerciales con las empresas POSTDATA  ubicada en Tijuana, B.C., TAKE ONE ( ubicada en Cancún, Quintana Roo, en donde a nuestros clientes, sin costo adicional podrán tener una presencia en los mercados de Tijuana y Cancún (revisar condiciones de distribución).


Sus postales, diseñadas e impresas por nosotros (LW) podrán ser distribuidas localmente, así como en como en las ciudades mencionadas anteriormente, ubicadas a su elección en los puntos qué, de acuerdo al perfil de consumidor desee alcanzar; logrando de ésta forma una presencia local y nacional, así de esta forma, atraer éste mercado hacia su empresa.

Las noticias económicas, con frecuencia hacen olvidar un hecho innegable: todas las depresiones son temporales. El fin de esta puede aún no vislumbrarse, pero si su negocio incrementa sus esfuerzos publicitarios, estará en mejor posición al final de la recesión en relación a su competencia. En ese lapso, puede que la categoría de su producto o servicio no haya crecido, pero usted podría haber ganado cuota de mercado. Los consumidores siempre apreciarán más una marca que los haya acompañado en momentos difíciles.

No deje pasar esta oportunidad teniendo como beneficio, además de generar utilidades, la participación en la tendencia mundial de hacer un marketing diferente. Nuestro medio publicitario propicia una interacción directa entre la marca o servicio y el consumidor además de que carece de una fecha de caducidad y sin existir desperdicio de impactos publicitarios.

Arte Postal Publicitario